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The manufacturing industry presents several challenges that many online platforms don't allow for. TradeCloud offers tailored solutions for these challenges.

Product and stock management

TradeCloud has an extensive product and stock management system. Track pricing, suppliers and quantities.

Bill of materials

Build and maintain product pricing by creating a bill of materials. Products can contain multiple items of stock or even other lines.

Labour estimation and scheduling

Allocate jobs to staff and let TradeCloud calculate the labour component of a manufacturing task. Track the results and fine tune your labour costs and build times.

Electronic run sheets

Create electronic run sheets for your staff, on either iPads or mobile devices. When using tablets, you can provide technical drawings and track completion percentages, as well as accurate build times.

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TradeCloud is developed by TheTubes, an Australian based software development and managed services company. We pride ourselves on providing quality, customised solutions for our clients, tailored to meet their unique business requirements.

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